Together against COVID-19.

Dear Partners,


The rapidly changing situation about the Corona SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the implementation of extensive measures from official side to limit it’s spreading have forced us to reorganise our internal structures to cope with this dramatic situation and to keep our processes running.

We are carefully following the current development and we are adapting our action plan to the recommendations of our government and the Robert-Koch-Institut. As long as we are allowed to go on with our production we are willing to do this even under those changed conditions.

Our internal Risk-Management has already formulated an extensive action plan and implemented far-reaching measures that will help us to discharge our duty in the supply chain as long as possible. Until now we could do this successfully and we hope that we can hold on our plans even in the future.

Besides of our own efforts to maintain the material and product flow along the supply chain we are heavily dependent on the actual development of the crises and other third party actions. These are political decisions as well as decisions taken by our customers and suppliers in order to cope with the effects of the pandemic.

We are glad that our strategy of collaboration based on partnership with our customers and suppliers proves it’s worth in this crises situation and that all of our partners do their best to keep on running their processes.

Until now we receive all of our raw materials and we still can produce and deliver our products to our customers. So far we don’t have any outages and we didn’t receive any announcements of outages. This is why we want to say “Thank You” to all our partners, customers as well as suppliers.

We are deeply convinced that maintaining the supply chain is of essential importance. It is not only an economic constraint but also an important contribution to social life. If we are on duty for our business, we improve the chance to go back to a better social and economic life after having conquered the medical impact of the pandemic. At the time being we think this is the only forward-looking, positive projection of the current situation.

The development of the actual situation is still unpredictable and we do not know which measures will be taken to cope with the pandemic. Today we are trying to estimate the possible impact of the border closures in our neighbour country the Czech Republic that will not allow our Czech colleagues to go to work. We try to compensate this loss but it is quite clear that it will have an effect on our production process. We presume that it will lead us to prolonged lead times. Please adjust your purchase plans accordingly.

We hope that we may be in the position to meet our obligations in the supply chain and we wish our partners that all measures to overcome the crises will be successful and will lead us to a more joyous and happier future.

The whole staff and the general Management of FARBENWERKE WUNSIEDEL and MASTER TEC thank you for your trustful co-operation. We wish you all good luck and health.

Dr. Josef Kuchler
Manfred Rocktäschel
Stefan Schmeisl