Pigment mixtures, masterbatches and compounds – individually developed for you.

Welcome to Farbenwerke Wunsiedel and Master Tec!

Coloring your product is one thing. Mixing the correct color shade from over 1000 base pigments, processing the colors easily and economically, and being able to reproduce them accurately at any time is a different thing. We are a leading manufacturer in terms of quality for pigment mixtures, masterbatches and compounds for virtually every plastic, composite and building chemistry application. Our recipe for success is joint development at the side of our customers, the consistent quality orientation and not least the color competence we have developed in over a century of pioneering work.

The exactly right color for your product.

Our masterbatches and pigment preparations grow with your demands. In the process, we advise and accompany you at every step on your path to individual coloring solutions.

Pigment mixtures

100% pure pigment mixtures with the greatest color strength and thus particularly economical. Very well dispersed and homogenous.


High quality color granulates for dust free and economical coloring directly during processing.


Functional PMMA and ASA compounds that can be immediately processed – colored according to your requirements with your desired additives.

Applications as varied as our colors.

Farbenwerke pigment mixtures, masterbatches and compounds are proving themselves in numerous everyday applications worldwide – 100 percent focused on the application purpose and the respective environmental conditions.

Window profiles

Customized Pigmentations and masterbatches for PVC window profiles – process optimized handling guaranteed.


Economical coloring solutions for waste water, drinking water or cable protection pipes, for example, tailored to your process.


Particularly high quality and color-fast coloring solutions for PVC or ASA applications in facade construction.


Customized pigment mixtures and masterbatches for coloring fiber composites such as WPC decking.

Guttering systems

Pigment mixtures and masterbatches with the highest specifications for light and weather resistance for extrusion and injection molding.

Building chemistry

Particularly homogenous, edge-milled pigments using a complex predispersal process for floor coatings, paints, silicon or cement applications.

Our promise: every color in a tested and reliable top quality.

Quality is when everything is right and working perfectly together. We ensure this with intensive research, customer specific development and a certified management system that relies on continuous optimization. On the basis of DIN ISO 9001:2015, we ensure quality in product and process, accelerate and automate our workflows and increase the transparency along the whole value added chain. Therefore, our color mixtures can also be reproduced precisely time after time.

In regular interdisciplinary quality circles and supplier audits, we check adherence to targets and qualities. A standard thus arises that goes well beyond simple product quality.

When dealing with colors, we know what we are doing – and have done for over 110 years.

What began in 1905 with the production of the first earth paints and limewashes, we have developed into a colorful success story at the Wunsiedel location. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of pigment mixtures and masterbatches in Europe, with trained, experienced employees and a highly modern and high-performance machine pool.