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We have been manufacturing individual color solutions for our customers for more than 115 years.

We are an independent manufacturer of pigment preparations, masterbatches and compounds for the plastics processing industry and synthetic building materials. Founded in 1905. Today, more than 110 specialists at our location in Wunsiedel work on the optimum color for your product. With knowledge about applications, colorants and processes which is unparalleled and has grown over four generations.

Two companies, one strong alliance: Farbenwerke as a manufacturer of pigment mixtures, MASTER TEC as maker of high-quality masterbatches and compounds.

The management team (from left): Manfred Rocktäschel, Dr. Josef Kuchler, Stefan Schmeisl.

We have a uniform and consistent signature: quality in every batch and every process.

We don’t test quality, we develop it. Naturally together with the customer and consistently on the basis of our certified quality management, DIN ISO 9001:2015. We understand this to be the regular further development of our own know-how, the expansion of our research capacities and the continuous search for customer-specific, innovative technologies and formulations. Today we find ourselves among those color manufacturers in Europe who invest the most time in their in-house quality assurance. That is something we are proud of.

What began in 1905 with the production of our first earth and lime paints is now a colorful success story at our Wunsiedel location in Germany.

Farbenwerke Wunsiedel company building

Interplay of colors.

The interplay of glazed colors on the roof of our company building is a strong symbol for and commitment to diversity. Every color has a different effect at each time of the day and creates a colorful interplay of light and reflections. With all its radiance, it stands for the enthusiasm with which we embark on the production of our colors each day.

Strong, where others have long since given up.

Being able to“master“ color requires a detailed look at all the manufacturing processes, the components and their interactions in the coloring process. It also requires the necessary know-how for making the right color for your precise application from more than 1,000 base pigments, which can be processed easily and economically and reproduced at any time.

Picture of Fichtelsee in the autumnal Fichtel Mountains
Panorama picture Fichtel Mountains in summer

We are based in the Fichtel mountains, which are as colorful and attractive as our colors.

Regional. And that’s a good thing!

We are convinced that our home region and loyalty to our location create a sense of identity. The Fichtel mountains are an integral part of our DNA. And that will always be the case.