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Tailor-made precolor® pigment mixtures: homogeneous, effective dispersal and economical.

We develop individual pigment mixtures for the specific requirements in the areas of plastics processing and synthetic building materials. Freeflowing pigment mixtures for especially clean processing. Edge milled pigments as an optimum, economical alternative to pastes in liquid media or exceptionally cost-effective pure pigment preparations.

Added focus on development, customer-oriented design and quality assurance during the process.

Quality without any compromises!

color consistency

Our formulations are consistent throughout the product lifetime. We are partners with reliable suppliers of raw materials.


Colors without side effects thanks to customer-oriented development, tried-and-tested production processes and individual testing concepts.


Effective dispersal in all applications, free from spots, contamination or foreign materials.

precision colors

All adjustments take place on the basis of agreed standards, checks to hue occur directly in the customers system.

Pigmentverkollerung für Bodenbeschichtungen und Lacke
Mit Pigmentmischung eingefärbte graue Dachrinne

The pure variety.

Our precolor® pigment formulations are matched to your applications, drawing on our considerable experience and materials knowledge. From exceptionally light-fast roof guttering systems to chlorine-resistant swimming pool liners.

We get our hands dirty for you.

Particularly clean pigment mixtures. Low dust and easy to handle.

Freeflowing pigment mixtures

Freeflowing pigment mixtures consist of pre-dispersed pigment and a PVC carrier which binds dust and therefore makes the dosing much easier.

Clean, smart packaging

Our heat-sealed s-Packs not only protect your production facility against dust, they also make handling the pigment powders a breeze.

Pre-filled according to customer requirements

Our s-Packs, Big Bags and sacks are filled as requested with your specified filling quantity.

s-Packs: completely dust-free.

Coloring can be so easy. With pre-filled s-Packs that are added directly to the heating mixer, where they dissolve completely and release the pure pigment. No weighing errors, no dust, everything clean and safe.

s-Pack bag with blue pigment mixture
s-Pack bag with blue pigment mixture neckline

Precise correction with exact dosing specifications for white PVC applications.

We developed our Combi Toner System for customers who have exceptionally high demands regarding color precision and process reliability in the area of PVC. In this respect, five freeflowing standard toner system pigments are available and ready for use at all times. Color corrections can be made correspondingly easily and accurately in the defined color space.

A digital color calculator provides you with quick and accurate information on the dosing quantity of our precolor® enhancing pigments that you require for your standardized shade of white.

TSR plus with ice landscape and northern lights

Heat-optimized pigment mixtures.

With TSR plus, we offer you a unique form of color technology that reduces the surface temperature and prevents warping and bending on a permanent basis.

Portrait Thomas Küspert
Technical sales

Thomas Küspert

As a trained businessman and foreign language correspondent, I have been working as Technical Sales Manager at Farbenwerke and MasterTec since 2012. I have spent 25 years in technical sales, in more than 40 countries. I manage our customers in the west and north of Germany, in Saxony-Anhalt as well as in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Morocco, India and the Far East.

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