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Individually developed precolor® color solutions for use in plastics processing and the synthetic building materials industry.

It doesn’t always have to be a masterbatch. There are numerous considerations which come to bear when choosing a product coloring. Plastic applications such as window profiles, roof gutters or sidings place high demands on light fastness and weather resistance. In the use of synthetic building materials, the focus is increasingly on the optimum processing properties of the colorant which is used in silicones or floor coatings.

Pigment mixture Masterbatch Compound
Window profile systems
Roof gutters systems
Sidings and wall cladding
Roller shutter profiles
WPC decking
Floor coatings
Synthetic building material products
Plastic panels
Roof membranes
Furniture films
Swimming pool liner

Know-how colors better.

We have been developing knowledge which enables us to color your products even more brightly, more durably and more effectively for over 115 years. And not only with customer specifications, but also in numerous tests and research projects.

Katharina Leonhardt
Technical sales

Katharina Leonhardt

Hi there, I'm Katharina Leonhardt. I've been working at Farbenwerke in Wunsiedel since 2012. I came here after successfully completing my BA degree in Business Administration at Hof University of Applied Sciences, and gathered my initial experiences in the area of technical sales. I am now responsible for several customers in Poland, France and the Netherlands.

Color can do more than you think. We advise you on which color is right for your application.

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