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Dark shades of color that also stay cool in direct sunlight.

In outdoor applications such as dark sidings, facades, window profiles and roller shutter systems, the heating of the plastic surfaces by the near infrared radiation (NIR) of the sun is able to reduce the levels of durability and encourage the development of deformations. The good news: With the right formulation which is made from IR-reflective pigments, you can counteract this problem effectively.

Deformations frequently develop after just a few minutes.

Subsequent to the softening point of the plastic, thermoplastic surfaces such as PVC are prone to deform and expand under direct sunlight. Temperature peaks or considerable differences in temperature often cause damage and hamper important protective functions.

The cause: The absorption of heat!

Colors have different heating properties. The darker they are, the more heat they absorb. Our IR-active pigments, by contrast, reflect the infrared radiation and ensure that the surfaces heat up to lower degrees.

Dark colors absorb the radiated heat: this results in high heating

Our IR-active pigments reflect the solar energy: this results in less heating

Laboratory-tested: up to 30° “cooler“.

We have been completing intensive research into the heating behavior of pigments and how we can adjust dark shades of color on a stable basis and with high TSR values (total solar reflection). In a test of a PVC siding, thanks to TSR plus, we were able to detect a reduction in surface temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius over a period of 30 minutes.

Comparison heating curve for a facade siding with a standard pigmentation and TSR plus.

Thermal image of a heating optimized window profile

Thermal image of a PVC window profile exposed to IR radiation: with IR-reflective pigments on the left, with standard pigments on the right.

The advantages of TSR plus pigmentation.

cooler surfaces

Lower surface temperatures with simultaneous compensation of unfavorable temperature differences.

more cost effective

With the use of IR-reflective pigments, the damage caused by direct sunlight can be avoided.

more dimensional stability

TSR plus prevents the softening of the plastic body and therefore the development of warping or deformations.

Portrait Carsten Herrmann
Technical sales

Carsten Herrmann

I really enjoy providing technical and commercial support to our customers. I have been at Farbenwerke since graduating in Business Engineering from technical university in 2003, and now focus on the technical refinement of the pigmenting of plastics and synthetic building materials. In addition to this varied primary task, I also channel my creative juices as Head of Marketing at Farbenwerke. I look forward to receiving any questions you may have and to hearing about your ideas.

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