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Portrait Kurt Jena

Kurt Jena

Agent L - Warehouse Specialist

My journey at Farbenwerke Wunsiedel GmbH started more than 18 years ago.

I was appointed as a manual worker – the person responsible for “mixing the colors“. I was responsible for mixing every kind of raw material necessary for making our high-quality products. After three years I moved to the work preparation department and the operation of the mixers. From this point on, I was known at Farbenwerke as “Agent X“. Providing the raw materials at the machine was now one of my key tasks. With the company having grown over the year bringing new tasks and new employees, I found myself working in the warehouse. As Agent L, I manage the storage and removal of various goods and support our logistics department with the shipment of our products.

My job is very varied and I move around a lot on our business premises, which keeps me fit.“

When I feel like exercising more, though, I ride my bike to work through the Fichtel Mountains. It’s about 15 km from where I live, and that means I start the day feeling relaxed and motivated.