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Portrait Martina Heinrich

Martina Heinrich

Head of Raw Materials Purchasing

I found myself working as the Head of Raw Materials Purchasing pretty much unnoticed.

After completing my apprenticeship as an Office Clerk and a few years working in my own agricultural company, in 1997, I found myself doing maternity leave cover at Farbenwerke Wunsiedel GmbH.

My main tasks were the registration system (filing), running errands in town, delivering messages and other office work. In 2002, the company introduced a document management system. I was closely involved in the “digital filing“ project. I was responsible for the electronic archiving of various documents. After the successful completion of the project, the project was incorporated into the order processing.

In 2010, a sudden personnel emergency arose in the materials management department. I was appointed to this department as an “assistant“. After a while, I got used to working in the area of “procurement“. I actually thought that I’d only stay working here for a while, but things “in the shop“ were going very well. They told me what to do and I was happy to do it. Things weren’t difficult, though, because I really enjoyed my area of work. In the meantime, the position as Head of Materials Management became vacant, which is how I found myself working as the Head of Raw Materials Purchasing pretty much unnoticed. I really enjoy my work and feel very comfortable in my role as a “provider“.

I don't just find the task of buying the raw materials to be fulfilling. I find my whole job fulfilling.“

Specifically, my job consists of ensuring that things run smoothly between sales, technology, production and the order processing. I now feel that this is my calling.

Outside work, I’m a pretty typical housewife. At the weekends, I cook for 10 family members. It is important to me to take care of my family and to be mindful of their well-being. And these are tasks that also apply to my position in the company, where providing the right things is also important.