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Optimally coordinated masterbatches that color your PVC window profiles smoothly and homogeneously.

Fine granulate consists of particularly fine-particle masterbatches which are based on low-melting polymers and waxes. These can be optionally added directly to the extruder or the heating mixer, with the granulate being absorbed in the PVC mixture on an optimum basis during conventional mixing cycles and temperatures, ensuring the homogeneous coloring of the profile sections. Our heavy metal-free precolor® fine granulate is available as lens or ball granulate, and can be mixed with the use of volumetric or gravimetric dosing systems.

Particularly flexible substrate.

The right choice of support material plays an especially important role in the coloring of laminated PVC window profiles with fine granulate. Here, we draw on our considerable experience, and configure the substrate according to the rheological characteristics on a customer-specific basis to prevent unwanted side effects from occurring to extrusion parameters such as the mass pressure or the mass temperature. The selection of the support material and the pigment are also coordinated in such a way that a particularly uniform coloring of the window profiles becomes possible: both within and between the individual batches.

Produktbild Feingranulat anthrazit

Colors homogeneously, efficiently and cleanly.

The handling of the fine granulate proves to be low-dust, flexible and straightforward. Our precolor® masterbatches can also be added directly to the heating/cooling mixer according to the technical equipment (mixer lines, silos etc.) available at the customer. It is also possible to achieve process-stable and streak-free results with low dosing quantities. Our products are designed so that the adhesion of the laminate is not impaired and none of the components in the formulation are able to migrate to the surface.


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Your desired color, conforming to the standards.

We develop the optimum color for your product while observing all the customer requirements and the required standards, such as CSTB and RAL. The most common profile colors include dark brown, anthracite, caramel and light brown. Individual house colors of the providers of window profile systems can also be implemented precisely, taking all the requirements for light and weather fastness into account.

For certain laminated films, it may also be a good idea to use an IR-active TSR plus formulation to prevent distortion and deformation to the window profile as well as damage to the laminate. At the same time, the specialist selection of pigments prevents burner problems in the extrusion process that often occur in standardized PVC dryblend mixtures.

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Do you have any further questions about the coloring of PVC window profiles with fine granulate, or would you like to start a project with us? We’re happy to help.

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