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An elaborate but exceptionally effective refinement of pigments in liquid media.

The pan milling of pigments is a reliable coloring option with the use of organic compositions in particular. By mechanically adhering the pigments to each other, their separation, especially in liquid media, can be prevented. In floor coatings, paints or silicones, for example. In this area, thanks to our sophisticated pan milling technology, we are able to prevent the floating of the pigments, otherwise referred to as cloud formation.


The pan milling process.

Pan milling processes are frequently used for floor coatings from EP systems, PU systems or PMMA systems. In a sophisticated process, the color pigments are mixed, pan-ground and then de-agglomerated. In the pan mill, the raw materials are combined with high pressure and friction. We then grind this intermediate product again to destroy unwanted aggregates and agglomerates in the product. The final composition provides an intensive and homogeneous color and therefore allows for the uniformly colored appearance of the end product.


Rapid sampling.

Due to our longstanding experience and our technical facilities, we are one of the leading contacts for pan milling in Europe. We also have numerous standards for fast-response sampling at our disposal, with which we are able to display standard RAL tones on a very accurate and precise basis.

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